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Antenna Arrays

An antenna(called elements), when individually can radiate an amount of energy, in a particular direction, resulting in better transmission and performance,Few more elements are added it, the radiation of all the elements sum up,to form the radiation beam, which has high gain, high directivity and increased signal strength   with minimum losses.

What it is:

An antenna array (often called a ‘phased array’) is a combination of two or more antennas. It is a set of individual antennas working together for transmitting and receiving radio waves.

How it works:

When two or more directional antennas are connected together,the signals from the antennas are combined or processed so as to achieve better performance over that of a single antenna.This is usually done with panel antennas connected by an RF splitter to an access point or Wi-Fi amplifier. The number of antennas in an array can be as few as two or as many as four.


*Achieve improved performance

*Increase the signal strength

*Increase overall gain

* Provide diversity reception

*most sensitive in a particular direction

*Determine the direction of arrival of the incoming signals

*Cancel out interference

* Maximize the Signal to Interference Plus Noise Ratio (SINR)


* Increased Resistive losses

*Difficult to mount and maintenance

*Require large external space


The antenna arrays are used in outdoor point-to-multipoint applications. TreLink offers three configurations: 4 – 90° panel antennas, 3 – 120° panel antennas and 2 – 180° panel antenna. in order to achieve improved performance and enhance wireless signal coverage, these antenna arrays feature 0°-20° down-tilt capability to compensate for the installation location geography.




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