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Research & Development

*Experienced in Research & Development

Our professional R&D team consists one chief engineer, who has nearly two decades of experience in designing and manufacturing antennas, along with 5 more engineers and technicians. To develop antennas suit specific requirements ,our engineers work close with our customers to evaluate antenna characteristics and performance factors, including frequency range, gain , radiation efficiency and pattern shaping .They have a level of knowledge and expertise .

*Design,Simulation and Prototyping

TreLink uses advanced antenna simulation tools to design and optimize antenna performance for specifics of your application. Our experienced engineers utilize a full machine shop, complete with 3D printing, for rapid prototyping, allow us to respond quickly to custom design requirements.

*A Variety Of Equipments

TreLink has a variety of equipments , including : HP/Agilent Vector Network Analyzers , Frequency Spectrum Analyzer,Microwave Chamber,Antennas Far Field Automatic Measurement System Temperature/Humidity Test Chamber,Intermodulation Testing Instrument,High-Low Temperature Test Chamber, and Salt Mist Corrosion Test Chamber , assuring the antennas in good performance and reliability.

*Low cost ,Self-designed, Self-developed

TreLink equip our large factory with three production lines. All antenna products are designed and developed at our own manufacturing facilities. TreLink manufactures cost-effective, reliable performance and high quality antennas ,our customers are assured of the right products on time at the right price.

*RoHS/Anatel Compliance Certification

TreLink’s antenna products have exported to around the world.  They are in compliance with RoHS/Anatel  Certification.


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