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698-2700 MHz Ceiling Antennas

The Ceiling Mount LTE Antenna is a wide band in-building omnidirectional antenna that designed for in-building wireless of 700MHz LTE, 2.6 GHz WiMAX, 800 MHz cellular band, 1900MHz PCS, 1700/2100 MHz 3G band and 2.4 GHz WiFi signals.
This 4G/LTE Ceiling Mount Antenna feature compact size and low-profile design , easily to install.
Special order connectors are also available.
380-520 MHz/698-960 MHz/1710-6000 MHz 2/2.5/4 Vertical Polarizatio: – TLCM-360-2V
698-960/1710-2700 MHz 2/5 dBi Vertical Polarization : – TLCM-627-2V
698-960/1710-2700 MHz 2/5 dBi Vertical Polarization : – TLCM-627-2VB698-960/1710-2700 MHz 3.5/5 dBi Horizontal & Vertical Polarization,2*N Female connectors: – TLCM-627-5VH-2N



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