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698-2700 MHz Omni Antennas

4G/LTE Omni Directional Antenna is high performance and versatile, with various applications,including LTE networks,DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems),700 MHz and cellular applications,AWS (Advanced wireless services) and PCS (Personal communications service) band applications,In-building wireless networks as well as IEEE 802.11b/g applications.
The 4G/LTE Omnidirectional Antenna is designed for years of operation even under harsh conditions.
698-960 /1710-2700 MHz 3dBi Vertical Polarization – TLOD-627-3VU
698-960 /1710-2700 MHz 3/4dBi Vertical Polarization – TLOD-627-4VU
698-960 /1710-2700 MHz 5/6 dBi Vertical Polarization – TLOD-627-6V



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