Welcome to TreLink Antenna

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1. Are you the manufacturer? 
Yes, we are the manufacturer. In fact, We have specialized in antenna field since 2002. After 20 years development, we have grown and evolved along with the industry. We take great pride in offering high quality antennas as well as excellent customer service for customers around the world. You can click here to know more about our factory. We are happy to be your reliable supplier.

2.Where are the factories located?
Our manufacturing base is located in Foshan China, which is one hour reach to Guangzhou .

3.How long have the factories been operating for?

The factories have been in the industry for nearly 20 years with rich experience.

4.Which is the closest airport?
The closest airport is Guangzhou Baiyun Airport(CAN). 

5.What are the payment methods?
Wire transfer to our company bank account.

6.What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
Yes, we do require a MOQ. The MOQ depends on many factors, such as the design, the materials, custom components, etc. Please consult with our sales team for more details.  

7.Do you organise shipment or do I need to take care of it?
Our Logistics Department works with forwarders who ship internationally. Some of our customers prefer to arrange shipment themselves, some others rely on us to take care of it, including the shipping documents. Usually we source a shipping quotation once the order is approved .



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