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Featured Products: Wide-band Omni Directional LTE MIMO 4G Antenna

The TreLink’s TLOD-627-3D-2N is high performance and professional grade 4G Omni Directional Antenna that operates in all available bands from 698-960 & 1700-2700 MHz and offers 3.5 dBi of peak gain. .It provides an ideal solution for 4G / 3G and 2G networks and is also ideal for use at 900MHz and 2.4GHz for WiFi and Wireless Video applications.

The antenna features two integrated N Female connectors,one port for Vertical Polarization in 698-960/1710-2700MHz,the other port for Horizontal Polarization in 1710-2700MHz. It provides outstanding 2xLTE MIMO performance for the networks.

The antenna is designed for outdoor as well as indoor use.It features a rugged and  weatherproof ABS radome for durability and aesthetics.  The TLOD-627-3D-2N measures approximately 280 mm in height and 132mm at the base,and weighs about1.5 kg including the mount.

We also offer variety of options of the customized solution for 4G Omnii antenna, connectors, pigtail and mounting brackets.

Please check data sheet for additional information and complete specifications.

Wide-band Omni Directional Outdoor LTE MiMo 4G Antenna


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