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Omni-directional DAS Antennas & Directional DAS Antennas

We design and manufacture a comprehensive selection of antennas that have been designed specifically for Distributed Antenna System (DAS) applications. The DAS antennas come in different shapes and sizes and can be catagorised as either directional or omnidirectional.

Omni-directional DAS Antennas

Omni-directional DAS antennas are usually mounted in the ceiling and ideal for DAS deployment for in-building coverage solutions. They are available for MIMO and SISO options.

Directional DAS Antennas

Directional DAS Antennas are usually wall mounted  and with excellent quality signals and coverage. Same as omni antenna,they are also available for MIMO and SISO options for indoor and public safety applications.


The antennas come with a low PIM pigtail and a range of low PIM connectors to ensures excellent PIM performance.We also offer a range of options of the customized solution for DAS Antenna.
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