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Antenna Solutions

Antenna Solutions

The wireless market is changing rapidly;5G is on the way, Antenna solutions are the foundation of the wireless industry ,so new antennas are required to provide increased data capacity and efficiency.
With the increase of various wireless applications demands, different antenna solutions will be required. Antenna options include Wireless LAN and 802.11a (5.2 & 5.8 GHz, or 2.4 GHz), WiMAX(3.5 GHz), GSM, Wireless LAN, ISM and RFID (902-928 MHz) etc. Each type of antenna is available in different mounting methods, including corner-mount, hole-mount, ceiling-mount, and others.
Antenna Solutions for Wireless Industry
Wireless antenna solutions are very complicated, you should have a reliable partner that specializes in their design andmanufacture in order to to optimize customer’s applications. TreLink Communication Co.,Ltd, a custom antenna solution provider with high performance antenna solution for 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,WiFi ,WiMax, ISM,3G/4G/5G, and others. Our professional R&D team has built up a reliable standard antenna design procedure from many years of industry experience and their great efforts .And we also work closely with our customers to evaluate antenna characteristics and performance factors, including frequency range, gain , radiation efficiency and pattern shaping .
We have the solutions for you, contact us today! we can be contacted at 86-757-87668929 or [email protected]. We should be more than pleased to at your service.



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