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Choosing the right WiFi Antenna

Antennas are one of the most important components to operating a successful wireless network.TreLink offers many different types of WiFi Antennas.which antenna will be the best choice for you ? It depends on your wireless network application. Before selecting the right antenna for your needs, it’s important to understand the two main types of antennas, Omni-directional antennas and directional antennas.


Directional Antennas

Directional Antennas are used for Point-to-Point or sometimes for Multi-Point systems,depending on the setup.These antennas focuses the wireless signal in a specific direction ,so they are typically used to extend the range of a Wi-Fi network into hard-to-reach corners of buildings or other specific environments where 360-degree coverage is not needed.Types of directional antennas include Parabolic Grid,Yagi, Patch, and Panel antenna styles.

Omni-directional Antennas

Omni directional antennas are used for Point-to-Multi-Point systems,they collect and broadcast signal in a 360-degree pattern , similar to how a light bulb throws light in in a room. The omni-directional antennas provide good all round coverage in indoor and outdoor wireless applications .Types of Omni-directional antennas include outdoor omni antenna,rubber duck antenna.

TreLink offers various types of the Wifi antennas for your wireless solution. ANTENNAS can also be custom-made to suit your requirements.



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