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Cross-Polarized MIMO LTE Panel Antenna

The TreLink’s TLPA-627-8-80X-2N introduces an efficient 2*Directional MIMO LTE Panel Antenna with high performance.  It provides high gain cross polarity coverage for 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency bands of 698 to 960 & 1710 to 2700 MHz. The 698-960 MHz band operates at  8 dBi peak gain, 1710-2700 MHz at 9 dBi peak gain.

This professional antenna consists of two independent cross-polarized antennas in a single enclosure. One antenna is +45° polarized and the other is -45° polarized, making this antenna ideal for for true MIMO capability.It comes equipped with two N Jack connectors on the bottom the radome .

The outstanding performance antenna features an aesthetic UV Inhibitive white plastic radome that ensures the inside components are protected from harsh weather and environmental factors. External lightning protection is recommended for this DC ground antenna. The antenna has 50 OHM nominal impedance, and the maximum power is 50 watts. It can be wall or mast mounted using U-bolts.

TreLink’s TLPA-627-8-80X-2N is very well designed, with fully engineered  grade internal componentry. It remains compact and visually unobtrusive and offers an excellent directional LTE solution for 698-2700 MHz frequency range.

TreLink also offers a full line of LTE Antenna products at affordable price. Custom-made antennas are welcome. Please feel free to contact our sales team.



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