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Embedded Antenna Solutions

Some WiFi connections are made in limited space or in unusual settings. When this is the case, TreLink offers a broad selection of embedded antennas off-the-shelf for a wide variety of applications.

The TreLink embedded antennas are small ,low-profile yet powerful with multiband systems. They attach directly to the PCB and are encased in a  molded plastic body or a hard plastic case for  for aesthetically pleasing integration with further protection. Our highly-efficient, PCB-based antenna solutions are ideal for embedded applications requiring integration flexibility.

TreLink ‘s embedded antennas’ key performance attributes include high efficiency, low power consumption, low return loss and isolation.

The antenna engineering expertise and crafts to optimize your wireless system performance . TreLink is able to help with a custom designed embedded antennas to suit your specific application requirements.

Options Include:
*Custom shapes and dimensions
*Custom the lengths and types of cable
*Multiple connector options such as SMA, MMCX and U.FL ,
*Frequency and gain
*Omni-directional or directional
*Mounting options ranging from double-sided tape to mounting holes in the PCB

Because of TreLink ’s facilities, experience, and great quality and high performance antenna products, TreLink can take your initial project concepts through to production and completion. Based on our experience, our engineers are well-equipped for the development of innovative, high quality antenna solutions for your custom-designed embedded antenna solutions. For more information ,please feel free to send an email to [email protected].





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