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Featured Product:WiFi internal PCB antenna


*Small form factor

*RoHS Compliant Product

*Various Cable length available

*Connectors option


*5.1/5.3/5.8 GHz band applications

*IEEE 802.11a WiFi systems

The TreLink’s wide band Internal Panel PCB Antenna can be mounted inside wireless devices or access points. It should be mounted directly on to a metal surface or close to metal components . We could supply metal plate to customers if any need. The antenna functions on the 5150-5850 MHz bands with 14 dBi gain . It is a compact solution for internal antenna applications and is suitable for intergrating into WLAN terminal and devices that require 5.8 GHz connectivity.

This embedded PCB antenna features 2*210 mm coax lead terminated with 2* SMA Male connector. Custom cable lengths and connector are also available. Please feel free to contact TreLink sales for more details.

TreLink has the experience to design just the right antenna for your device. We offer state of the art design capabilities, including 3-D simulations using design software.

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