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Five Characteristics when choosing the best antenna for Wi-Fi applications

There are a large selection of antennas available, antennas come in different sizes and shapes and can be used indoors or outdoors, but  making the selection of the correct antennas is just as crucial for having an efficient network.

There are five important characteristics when choosing the correct Wi-Fi antenna:

1. Point-to-Point Antennas

A point to point architecture is a communications connection between two nodes or endpoints.,A point-to-point connection needs a high gain directional antennas which enables great distances and high capacity links.

2.Point to Multi-Point Antennas

A point to multipoint architecture is a communications transmitted simultaneously from one point to many other points. For this type of network you would use both Omni directional and directional antennas.

3. Range

Wi-Fi antennas shape the pattern of the wireless signal and help to increase the range of wireless transmission from your Wi-Fi Product.


Gain measures how well the antenna increases effective signal power. Generally, he higher gain value of an antenna, the better the antenna’s performance, and the farther the range of the antenna will operate.

5. Interference

Interference can be generated by almost any device that emits an electro-magnetic signal , from cordless phones , bluetooth headsets, microwave ovens .lighting systems, smart meters,other 802.11 access points or systems, All these problems must be isolated before you can expect any significant range out of your system.

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