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RFID Antennas

RFID (also known as radio frequency identification) is a major technology tool for tracking objects and assets. RFID antennas play a critical role in every new or existing system.They not only transmit power to the RFID tags by activating them, but also receive data back from the activated tags. It means a single antenna is allowed information to be stored and retrieved from RFID tags at the same time.

When operating the antenna, it propagates a cloud of radio frequency (RF) energy. Any RFID tags present in this cloud will be activated and read. This cloud often referred to as the tag read.

RFID Antennas have a significant number of critical business applications:

*Medic alert bracelets that transmit health information to doctors from a patient’s home

* Road tolling automatically withdraw the amount of the toll from the customer’s pre-paid account

*Track inventory at the warehouse

*Stock monitoring at military depots

*Securing and monitoring valuable artefacts

There are two common types of antennas. One is linear polarized antennas,the other is circular polarized antennas. Circular antennas are more commonly used for most applications and linear antennas are used to read tags in specific targeted areas.

TreLink has RFID antennas in all kinds of shape and form such as Regular Panel, Linear Panel, circular Panel and Omni Antenna

To check our range of RFID antennas please visit the Antennas section of this site. .For custom antenna design for all RFID applications, please feel free to contact TreLink at [email protected]. one of our Experts will be more than happy to answer them. Contact us today!



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