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Small Cells Antennas

Small cells are miniature base stations that require minimal power to operate.To eliminate dropped calls and dead zones., carriers could blanket a city with thousands of these stations. Small cells are an enabling factor in the latest evolution of mobile wireless. Compared with traditional macro base station, small cell is more integrated, lighter, smaller form-factor and lower power.

Small cells allow the mobile network to improve in both coverage and capacity ,nowadays more communities are looking a small cells to eliminate the need for lager towers. Small Cells deliver cost-effective capacity to high-use urban areas, such as hotel lobbies,restaurants,sports venues, , train stations, airports, shopping centers and which are difficult to cover by traditional macro cells. Small Cells can extend coverage to remote rural locations where macros are not cost effective.They also improve throughput performance and service quality by off loading from large macro-cells. Because of their low power and small form-factor, small cells allow you to deploy coverage and capacity anywhere,such as on lamp posts,trashcans,bus stops,atop buildings, Utility poles and more.

In the 5G generation(( the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications), Small Cells will play a very important role in wireless network technology, not only providing better signal coverage, but also improving 5G network capacity.In America, communities are being told by wireless companies that it is necessary to build “small cell” wireless facilities in neighborhoods on lamp posts and utility poles in order to offer 5G.

TreLink has developed a selections of WLAN and multi-band LTE Antennas for small cell systems.Our small cell antennas designs  provide robust coverage and  capacity, high gain ,high performance solutions for multi-frequency and multi-mode network deployments. TreLink’s  specialized selection of small cell antenna products and mounting options specifically address the needs of customers. Contact us today !



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