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TreLink launches LTE 4x MIMO Panel Antenna

TreLink’s NEW  LTE 4x MIMO Directional Panel Antenna is versatile and idea for LTE networks.

* Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output antennas

* Quad-polarization  (horizontal, vertical, +45° slant, and -45° slant)

* 4 separate connection ports

*Idea for high power radios,can handle up to 50 watts


TreLink now launches the TLPA-700-8-80DX-4N Panel Antenna that offers 8 dBi gain across the entire 700 MHz band from 698-806 MHz. It provides directional coverage with 70° vertical beamwith and 80°horizontal beamwith. It can be used for 700 MHz LTE networks as well as for public safety 700 MHz firstNet network.

This quality panel antenna features 4 separate connection ports in order to provide optimum MIMO(multiple-input-mutiple-output) performance.It achieves MIMO performance by using multiple polarization for the four elements housed within the antenna.This 4 ports MIMO antenna features quad-polarization :vertical, horizontal, slant -45°, and slant +45°  for MIMO technology .

This antenna is housed in a UV resistant ,high impact UV-PVC case and comes with a sturdy mount for pole or wall mounting. It is compact and attractive and will fit in well with any MIMO installation.

For more details , please check the specification sheet .



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