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TreLink’s Dual Band 2.4/5 GHz WiFi MIMO Panel Antennas

*MIMO -Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output antennas

*Dual band, high gain operation

*Attractive and compact package

*RoHS compliant


With a MIMO system, the data is decoded and combined at the receive end. The next result is greater data throughput and imporved bandwidth efficiency.

TreLink offers a wide selection of 2.4/5 GHz MIMO directional panel Wi-Fi antennas . They are ideal for use in 802.11n MIMO indoor and outdoor applications.The dual-band frequency coverage means that a single type of antenna can be deployed with any MIMO radio in the 2400-2500MHz and 4900-5850MHz bands.

The separate antenna elements are housed within rugged and weatherproof housing . Each element cover the entire bandwidth specified.

The antenna features compact and attractive design , and will fit in well with any 802.11ac WiFi MIMO installation.

We also offer variety of options of the customized solutions for panel antenna, connectors, pigtail and mounting bracket . For any questions ,please email us as [email protected], we will be more than happy to assist you .



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