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Understanding Antenna Cable Length

When designing an antenna system, various cable types can be used for connecting the device to the antenna. When signal go through any cable , it loses strength. Basically ,the longer your cable is ,the more loss you have. So getting the right length of cable is significant to maintain optimal results.


As mentioned before, with increasing cable length greater signal loss occurs. The loss is called attenuation, which can be measured in dB per 100 ft. How much Wi-Fi signal strength is actually lost per foot of antenna cable length? The following table shows sample values for signal loss at each transmission frequency.

Generally, the longer the cable run, the better quality the cable needs to be to have the least amount of loss. TreLink offers a wide selection of high-quality low-loss double-shielded coaxial cable for various applications. If you’re not sure about which correct cable to use, than please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss the available options with you.



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