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Best-Selling Building Antenna

TreLink’s Wide Band Yagi Antennas is a quality and the most versatile outdoor option . Due to its wide band coverage, massive 11dBi high gain,high performance, weatherproof design and easy installation make it our Best Seller.This high efficiency antenna is compatible With 50 Ohm cell phone repeaters, amplifiers and boosters.It is ideally suited for providing and/or improving reception in residential homes, office building, basements,small-sized parking garages, rural areas and places where the reception is weak. The antenna will help to boost signal and increase data transfer speed.

The Log Periodic Directional Antenna includes tilt/swivel pole mount hardware for securing the antenna to a  standard  rooftop  antenna  pole  or  exterior  building  wall.  It features a 14 inch low-loss RG58 antenna lead terminated with an N Female connector.

The specification sheet and radiation patter will be sent on request . Please feel free to contact us if any question we will be more than happy to assist you .



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