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What is a High Gain WiFi Antenna?

When we are talking about an antenna for a wireless network, it’s all about the “gain”. Gain measures how well the antenna increases effective signal power.

A High Gain WiFi Antenna is a directional antenna (such as a Yagi antenna or parabolic grid antenna) that has a narrow radio wave beam width, The narrower the beamwidth, the more suitable for long-range point to point links. It concentrates the signal radiation in one direction, maximizing performance and reducing interference from third-party wireless devices. A high gain WiFi antenna typically features gain of 12-14dBi and greater.

There are two basic types of directional antenna:
Yagi-–Yagi antenna is typically very directional and is used for point to point, or to extend the range of a point to multi-point system. Yagi’s have excellent signal strength and in the right circumstances can communicate for miles!
Parabolic Dish—Parabolic Dish antenna is best for long-range Point-to-Point. This antenna is highly focused and can achieve long distance WiFi communications .



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