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LPDA Antennas VS Yagi Antennas

Today, we’re going to talk about Yagi Antenna and Log-Periodic Yagi Antenna.

A Yagi Antenna, or Yagi-Uda antenna, is named for the two Japanese engineers Shintaro Uda and Hidetsugu Yagi who invented the design.A Yagi antenna is a directional type antenna with a single dipole, a reflector, and multiple elements. The elements must be the same length on one side of the boom as its counterpart on the other side .They can be used for point to point or point to multi-point WiFi applications. Yagi antennas are very popular because their simplicity and relative high gain .

A Log Periodic Dipole Antenna, or LPDA for short, is an assembly of dipole elements, with each dipole element on the boom longer than the one in front of it, giving the antenna a triangular shape. Because it has many dipole elements of different lengths, an LPDA antenna can transmit and receive across a wide range of frequencies.

Many people refer to LPDA antennas as “Yagi antennas.” A yagi antenna looks like an LPDA,but there are important technical differences between the two as below:

*Yagi Antennais will give higher gain at its optimal frequency.
*LPDA antennas are designed to work across a wide range of frequencies with lower gain.;

A cellular Yagi antenna can only operate in a  narrow frequency range. This makes a Yagi antenna ideal for public safety systems or other applications where the user only needs to amplify a specific set of cellular frequencies.
An LPDA antennas are used to Most commercial and residential cellular signal boosters, since it is design to work across a wide range of frequencies .The antenna is great for areas where indoor signal is weak, and only a simple antenna on the roof is enough to give a fantastic improvement.

TreLink offers Yagi antennas and Log Periodic Yagi antennas. Custom Yagi antennas are also available.If you have any questions ,please e-mail us at [email protected]. We will be more than happy to assist you .



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