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Dual Polarity Antennas

Characteristic of Dual Polarity Antennas

* Combine Vertical and Horizontal Polarization in a single enclosure

*More than two(2) integrated diversity antennas, single package

*High speed ,high transmit

*Optomized for high density, more end-users than Single Polarity Antenna

*Low cost ,only an antenna will be needed for both polarities.


Traditionally, Wi-Fi antennas are built with Vertical Polarity Antenna elements.The dual polarity antenna array can enhance the capacity efficiently due to polarization diversity ,It combines advanced dual-polarity technology that allows for the interoperability of two radios transmit and receive paths.

Dual polarity antennas provide a more compact design, when the available space is limited, the use of a dual-polarity antenna is more appropriate than two separated antennas. In addition , using a dual polarity is low cost,since only an antenna will be needed for both polarities.

Nowadays ,High density is becoming the norm, using the dual polarity antennas allow the radio to send and receive data faster and more efficiently. TreLink offers variety Dual Polarity Antennas,The types include Flat Panel, Ceiling, Dish and Omni antennas. They are very useful for many specialized applications and can also multiplex its uses and applications.

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